I shoot High School sports regularly in Callaway County and the Jefferson City surrounding area.  I shoot all sports including football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, track & field, and tennis. I shoot freelance pictures for my website and periodically my services are requested by the Fulton Sun, the Jefferson City News Tribune, and HER magazine where I have contributed hundreds of pictures over the last 2 years.  I have in the past also been a contributor to CBS sports High School affiliate Max Preps as well as Victory Views and Milesplit.  I can also perform other photography services as requested, from individual to group shots on location. 

I am an FAA Licensed UAV (drone) pilot. I will now be offering aerial photography and video services in the Jefferson City and surrounding areas. Examples include unique wedding and engagement photos, group photos, real estate marketing photos, business photos, field crop monitoring, assistance with roof inspections, and many others.  Note that if you hire a drone pilot to do photography or videography, please ensure they are licensed, it is required by Federal Law.  Make them show you their license prior to hiring them as they are required to have it with them when performing the service.  Those that are not licensed are unaware of all of the restrictions and safety protocols that must be adhered to.  It is your responsibility to ask as you can also be fined for knowingly hiring an unlicensed pilot to perform services.  


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