Marty Beck Photography LLC | Photo Packages


All Portrait packages include the following:

    • Edited high resolution images provided within 24-48 hours of shoot in an online password protected gallery for your viewing for up to 6 months (password can be shared with family and friends if you desire)    
    • The ability to order prints cropped and sized to your specifications from a professional photo lab (MPIX) directly from your online gallery  for up to 6 months (I will provide a 20% discount for prints ordered through your gallery)
    • A thumb drive or dvd (your choice) with low resolution images that are perfect to use for computer and online viewing
    • An optional thumb drive or dvd copy of all high resolution images with a copyright release suitable for unlimited printing or other use in whatever manner you choose (add $50 to package)
    • As a bonus, and if conditions allow (weather, flight restrictions-dependent on location), I will also take one or two aerial images with a drone 

Package 1

    • 30 minutes at a single location of your choice within 10 miles of Jefferson City
    • Maximum of 7 individuals for the shoot (contact me for pricing if you have  larger group)
    • A minimum of 20 high quality edited digital images to choose from     
    • $80.00 ($74.34 + $5.72 sales tax, I have to charge sales tax because I am providing images on a disk or thumb drive) due prior to or on day of shoot

Package 2

    • 60 minutes at a one or two locations of your choice within 10 miles of Jefferson City
    • Maximum of 7 individuals for the shoot (contact me for pricing if you have  larger group)
    • A minimum of 30 high quality edited digital images     to choose from
    • $110.00 ($102.21 + $7.79 sales tax, I have to charge sales tax because I am providing images on a disk or thumb drive) due prior to or on day of shoot



During 2015 I really got excited about sports photography after attending two workshops taught by a long time Sports Illustrated photographer, Peter Read Miller.  I learned a lot about shooting various college sports at these workshops as you can see from my Division I portfolio on this website. 

I enjoy capturing pro quality digital images of local high school athletes that can be enjoyed by the athletes, their teams, and their families.  I hope to continue providing quality images, but that all depends on the support I receive from you.  For most games I shoot, I'm there on my own time and expense with no compensation as this is a hobby on most nights.  To continue this, I am relying on you to help support what I do by purchasing a digital file or print occasionally.  Print orders are processed and shipped directly to you by MPIX, a quality lab near Kansas City that I have used for years.  

I can also put together portfolios of several images, create collages of a team or individuals, or create custom photo shoot packages of individual teams or athletes.  Contact me if you would like to discuss options.



Since I have recently acquired by my FAA UAV pilot's license and a UAV, I plan to offer numerous photography and videography services.  Examples of drone usage:

  • Real estate listings
  • Unique outdoor wedding and engagement photos that are not possible any other way.
  • Group photos
  • Assistance to insurance adjustors, i.e. roof inspections
  • Business photos or video to use in print or television ads

Please contact me with your ideas and I can tailor a package to meet your needs. 

Note that some drone photo/video is not allowable.  Much is dependent on where it is at as the FAA has strict regulations of airspace within 5 miles of certain airports.  Waivers have to be requested and can take up to 90 days to get approval or disapproval.  For this reason it is important to contact me as soon as possible, particularly for weddings.  Finally, when inquiring with any drone operator about services, the first question to ask and verify is, "Are you an FAA licensed UAV pilot?"  If not, they are breaking Federal Law by providing services to you. Make them physically show you their FAA license, it will be either be a paper temporary license used while awaiting their permanent license, or a card (permanent license)similar to a drivers license issued by the FAA.  Additionally, you can be fined as well for hiring an un-licensed operator. Licensing is important so they operator understands all of the UAV laws and safety requirements of flight.  Licensed UAV pilots have to recertify every two years to maintain their license.

Drone Realty Photography  I can customize services provided to whatever your needs are.  The base prices I start with are as follows.  I will provide a minimum of 10 full frame high quality aerial images of the property from different angles, edited and ready to post on a website or print.  I       will e-mail you digital copies of the files within 6 hours of taking then in a resolution suitable for internet posting.  I will also also provide the full resolution images on a thumb drive in jpeg format suitable for printing or other purposes via personal delivery or U.S Mail, depending on how far away you are. Most of these images can be printed up to 24"x36" with excellent results, some even larger. 

      For properties within 15 miles of Jefferson City, $90.

      For properties 15-30 miles from Jefferson City, $110.

      For properties 30-60 miles from Jefferson City, $145.

As noted, these are the base prices and can be tailored to fit your needs, i.e. more images, specific images, etc.  Please contact me to discuss. 



Please contact me for any other photo services you may be interested in from individual, family or group portraits all the way up to concert shoots, weddings, engagements, etc.  Lets talk about it!